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How to Use NMS Tracker?

In this guide, I will explain how to use the No Man's Sky Tracking tool, so you can understand all its functionality and learn how to track and share your No Man's Sky discoveries and how the No Man's Sky personal journal page works.

The Tracker

No Man's Sky tracker dashboard screenshot

You need to register and log in toe view and use the tracker page. The Tracker is divided into four different sections. Here's an explanation of the functionality that each one provides.

Live Status - the live status panel has a text area and a 'submit' button. You can use this section to share anything on your mind and this text will appear at the top of your No Man's Sky log page. Everyone that visits your No Man's Sky public journal can read it. This status will also appear on the Live page as well, a page that summarizes all the latest discoveries of NMS Tracker community (

Add a new Planet (or Post) - in this section, you can add a new discovery. It can be a regular text post or any discovery that you encounter while venturing through the No Man's Sky vast universe. This section has several fields that you can feel in, including a screenshot or a JPEG image, a title, a category (e.g. Star System), details information, tags and the option to mark the discovery as public and sticky. Public discoveries will appear on both your personal journal page as well as on the Live page. Discoveries not marked as public won't appear for others and only you can see them in the Tracker. Mark the post as Sticky if you want a post with an image to appear as part of your 10 most favorite discoveries. Only your latest top 10 discovery images will appear on your public journal page. You can also edit it and mark the planet as non-public and make it un-sticky it. Tags are useful for signifying important aspects of your discoveries. For example, if a certain planet has Zinc resources, you can tag it with a 'Zinc' keyword. You can later use this tags to search for previously discovered planets in the Planet List. Tags are being saved automatically, so you can reuse them by choosing them from the list of tags.

Planet List - the planet list section is where you can search for discoveries based on tags. By default, searching matches all the tags, but you can mark it as 'Match Any Tag', and the results will return discoveries that match all the supplied tags. It's also a section where you can preview an image that you've added to the discovery and click the 'Edit' button to edit your discovery.

Latest Updates - Latest Updates - the latest updates section is where you can view the latest posts from No Man's Sky players that you follow. You can also click the 'unfollow' button to unfollow a specific player and you won't receive future updates from this player. It's a great way to follow your friend's discoveries!

The tracker is an amazing tool to keep track of anything you find in No Man's Sky and easily locate that information again when it's needed. It's a simple yet very convenient tool that makes exploration both more effective and more social.

Live Discoveries Page

No Man's Sky Live discoveries page

The NMS Tracker Live page is a place where players can view all the latest discoveries people publicly share on NMS Tracker.

There is the player's name, which you can click and view their No Man's Sky journal page, as well a short summary of their post/discovery and the time that the discovery was added to their journal.

Below that, you can see a list of all the explorers signed up for NMS Tracker and found which one you want to follow. You can sort that list by the players with the Most Followers, the players with the Most number of Profile Views or sort them by the date that they've joined NMS Track (newest members will appear first).

Your Public No Man's Sky Journal Page

No Man's Sky journal page screenshot

The personal journal page is your own unique public page on NMS Tracker, where other No Man's Sky players can observe all your amazing discoveries and read all your public posts. The page shows the total of discoveries you shared, how many status likes your post have received and the total of views your page has ben viewed by others.

The page also includes your latest status update at the top of the page, a follow button that users can click and Follow your discoveries, a comment system where others can comment on your page and of course, the most important feature, a timeline that shows all your discoveries arranged from the newest to the latest ones. If you share an image with your discovery, it will appear inside an icon near the text section and others can click on it to view the image in full size. There is also a Like button and a flag button, allowing you and other users to like a specific post or mark it as inappropriate.

Here is my No Man's Sky journal page, click to take a look.

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NMS Tracker is an amazing tool to keep track and share your No Man's Sky discoveries and will serve you well through your adventure in No Man's Sky universe.

You can sign up to NMS Tracker by clicking the Signup button at the top of the page. We are going to have an amazing time together, all sharing our amazing discoveries while playing No Man's Sky.

NMS Tracker is a social planet discovery community hub for No Man's Sky PC and PS4 players. A No Man's Sky social web platform for tagging planets, sharing planet discoveries and updates, and screenshots with other players. Each player gets its personal dedicated No Man's Sky travel log page, in which other players can comment, like and follow his discoveries. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Screenshots image credit: Hello Games. This is an unofficial website and is not related in any way, nor is affiliated with the developer of No Man's Sky, Hello Games.
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