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Live No Man's Sky Discoveries

On this page, you can view No Man's Sky players' latest revelations and sightings as they happen. You can then click the player's name to get to his public No Man's Sky travel log and see what other amazing discoveries he or she is sharing. No Man's Sky is full of adventure and discoveries, and here you get to know what players are actually finding in the vast glorious universe that Hello Games have generated for us. This NMS Tracker Live page shows the top latest update and planets that No Man's Sky players have discovered recently. You can click the refresh button to update the list and view more recent entries.

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UkdyvHome star system
NoamiStrange pink floor planet with some sort of cactus. The night is covered with a nice green sky.
DEMIGEWDPretty pink rain planet.
RagnarokMulticolored (mostly purple); Calm; Plutonium
RagnarokLet them out there read my mind...
DEMIGEWDThis predator looks rather proud, standing there with its prey at its feet.
DEMIGEWDIt was also a gorgeous planet, with colour patterns I'd never seen before.
DEMIGEWDThis place was literally swarming with creatures!
DEMIGEWDThis place had strange looking, brightly coloured trees. The purple night sky was also a sight to..
DEMIGEWDBeautiful orange grass sea planet with patches of beach along the shores.
DEMIGEWDI found another planet full of blob creatures! Very happy blob creatures!
The Alcoholic27Snowy Weather, Low Security, Bountiful Flora, Typical Fauna. Contains Coryzagen, Aluminium, Coppe..
The Alcoholic27Poison Rain, Relaxed Sentinels, Generous Flora, Undetected Fauna. Contains Temerium, Emeril, Copp..
The Alcoholic27Balmy Weather, Passive Sentinels, Devoid of Flora, Undetected Fauna. Contains Gold, Nickel and He..
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