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SpookyFairy's No Man's Sky Adventure Log (PC)

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Yeh, new words from Hello Games!
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Planet Chameleon

Yes, Chameleon is confirmed! No Man's Sky has chameleons.


Planet Amazing colors - Earth-like
Amazing colors - Earth-like

Look at this great earth-like looking planet, with blue sky, green grass and what a vivid view of a planet that I've discovered a few days ago.

greenEarth-likeVividBlue sky

Planet Shape contrast
Shape contrast

I love this screenshot because it shows a contrast between the circular shape of the planet and the line shapes of the spaceship.


Planet The most amazing station I have ever seen
The most amazing station I have ever seen

Most of the stations on the planet looks the same, but some of them, with the right vegetation around them, can look really amazing and unique.


Planet Rich desert landscape
Rich desert landscape

I love this image, because even at a desert planet, you can find some really nice places, full of vegetation and nice mountain views.


Planet Smallest Ship Ever?
Smallest Ship Ever?

The smallest ship I've found so far, wanted to buy it, but decided not too, too small for an explorer like me, but it was nice to meet.

SmallestSpaceshipSpace Station

Planet Who are you looking at?
Who are you looking at?

A weird creature with several eyes. I'm sure that at least one eye was looking at me, what a weird encounter that was.


Planet Just a gorgeous nightscene
Just a gorgeous nightscene

No Man's Sky yields some of the most magnificent vistas you'll ever see in any game, this is one of them, look at this gorgeous view! A pastoral view of a moon of a planet that I was on with mountains and dark fog - very atmospheric shot.


A creature kills another creature

A hunter creature hunts another creature - rare catch! Watch

Planet Love this planet
Love this planet

Radiation to the extreme, but still a great planet to explore.

Planet Radiation help!
Radiation help!

Planet Mushroom attack!
Mushroom attack!

Planet Stopping to eat something
Stopping to eat something

Planet Feeding a little one
Feeding a little one

He is happy, I gave him peanuts.

Planet So hot yet so beautiful
So hot yet so beautiful

One of my favorite planets. Not less impressive than my Tropical Heaven.

Planet What are you looking at?
What are you looking at?

funny dino, ignored me totally, I just wanted to say hi.

Planet What a beautiful day in heaven
What a beautiful day in heaven

Another screenshot showing the planet I named Tropical Heaven.

Tropical Heaven

Planet More shots from Tropical Heaven
More shots from Tropical Heaven

I am adding more shots that I haven't posted on the official Tropical Heaven page.

Tropical Heaven

Planet Another creature from Tropical Heaven
Another creature from Tropical Heaven

I didn't share it on the post of Tropical Heaven, but here's another cool creatures that I've seen there.

Tropical HeavenCreature

Planet My beloeved 48-slot spaceship
My beloeved 48-slot spaceship

After I've reached to 48-slot, I went to search a ship that I will like to fly in for the rest of the game. This is the ship of my choice, lot it!


Planet Toxic mushroom hell
Toxic mushroom hell

This planet wasn't friendly as the other ones, but it has its own unique mushroomic appeal.

MushroomtoxicGreen sky

Planet Even the creatures here are amazing
Even the creatures here are amazing

Two twins having fun in the grass. They don't do any harm, I think they are vegetarian. They didn't it me, so.


Planet Another view this gorgeous planet
Another view this gorgeous planet

The colors on this planet are so natural, vivid and hypnotizing, I feel like I am inside a children's book.


Planet My ship and I relaxing
My ship and I relaxing

It was a long trip to get to this beautiful planet. Me and my ship are taking a nap.

Blue skySpaceshipGrassGreen

Planet Gorgeous planet, reminds me of Earth
Gorgeous planet, reminds me of Earth

Landed on yet another gorgeous planet. So beautiful here.


Planet My latest 48-slot spaceship
My latest 48-slot spaceship

I picked this spaceship because the space in No Man's Sky can be very dangerous, and I wanted a ship that is fast and have a wide field of view without too much clutter. It make it easier to lock on enemies.


Planet Silhouette shapes with red sky
Silhouette shapes with red sky

I love this pictures because of the Silhouette shapes at the back against the gorgeous red skies. By the way, this is my 38-slot ship, but I've found another one that is better for fighting, so I ditched it later on that day.

Planet Simple yet fascinating
Simple yet fascinating

A magnificent view of a lush planet. I am standing near a tree, meditating, watching the spaceships pass through and enjoying this planet to its fullest. Every planet has its own unique landscapes, some are nice, others might not be for your liking. I like this one a lot.

Planet Me and my ship enjoying the view
Me and my ship enjoying the view

Sometimes I just stand, doing nothing but watch the view. That planet had red sky, which is my favorite among all, even better than the planet Tropical Heaven that I've discovered a few days ago.

Planet I like what you
I like what you've done with the place

The funny thing is that the vegetation were also inside the building :)

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