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DEMIGEWD's No Man's Sky Adventure Log (PS4)

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Planet Fosunegcharen-Iaji
Fosunegcharen-Iaji (Saokazunomano)

Pretty pink rain planet.

Planet Weylevyc Yurihi
Weylevyc Yurihi (Kegatoridera)

This predator looks rather proud, standing there with its prey at its feet.

Planet Weylevyc Yurihi
Weylevyc Yurihi (Kegatoridera)

It was also a gorgeous planet, with colour patterns I'd never seen before.

Planet Weylevyc Yurihi
Weylevyc Yurihi (Kegatoridera)

This place was literally swarming with creatures!

Planet Gartion Nenanho
Gartion Nenanho (Tachikumoto-Gluna)

This place had strange looking, brightly coloured trees. The purple night sky was also a sight to behold.

Planet Metyumenz Sadoma
Metyumenz Sadoma (Eniwamiasa)

Beautiful orange grass sea planet with patches of beach along the shores.

Planet Urfischel HD826
Urfischel HD826 (Hyugawateyag)

I found another planet full of blob creatures! Very happy blob creatures!

Planet Aspositaji Hirr
Aspositaji Hirr (Taibarazum)

Beautiful and peaceful as it may seem, I died here because I was attacked by both aggressive sentinels and persistent predators.

Planet Citlastethyeak
Citlastethyeak (Jisatoriyako)

This place is simply amazing! The little ponds and rivers here are full of fish, there are light-blue bat-winged butterflies and beautiful elegant flying fish in the sky.

Planet Ucinti Iawachin
Ucinti Iawachin (Susonoichikomo)

Have you ever seen purple trees like these before? Don't they look great? The jellyfish in the water here also look really nice: they are pink and hat-shaped. Cute!

Planet Nasteega Agat
Nasteega Agat (Ragildaere-Sebla VI)

A lush blue and yellow jungle full of creatures.

Planet Tholtz Seungcih
Tholtz Seungcih (Nemurorano-Ling)

This was a lifeless planet with constant torrential rain and very aggressive sentinels. Still, it was worth landing here, because what a sight it is!

Planet Thnechsa-Olym Refor
Thnechsa-Olym Refor (Izumotomag-Hokar)

Thnechsa-Olym Refor is a sea planet with green grass that occasionally has some snow-white patches in it. The creatures are unlike anything I've encountered before. There was this huge worm sticking out of the ground, the water was full of headless snakes and I got attacked by this little guy here, who seems friendly but tried to kill me several times.

Planet Onjiruagl GD730
Onjiruagl GD730 (Izumotomag-Hokar)

Isn't it just lovely?

Planet Niwaderages
Niwaderages (Izumotomag-Hokar)

The mountains on Niwaderages were barren brown or pink rocks, but in the valleys, I found vast grassy meadows with tons of creatures. It has the brightest yellow grass I have ever seen. The blue butterflies that flutter around everywhere complement it well. I had to watch my back a lot though, because there were a lot of predators.

Planet Pijker Papier
Pijker Papier (Manankokaic)

The radioactive surface of Pijker Papier was dotted with these strange trees that looked like someone plucked feathers off of a giant bird and planted them on top. It looks pretty impressive.

Planet FilmakQA 127
FilmakQA 127 (Manankokaic)

A pretty extreme sentinel planet with strange piled up rocks all over the surface. It looks as though they were set up by some ancient civilization that roamed these lands a long time ago.

Planet Dertangqin Nezak
Dertangqin Nezak (Eokamoqaki-Smant)

Pink! Pink everywhere!

Planet Owveliciusa
Owveliciusa (Hizentsuji-Zoet)

There were large mountains everywhere on Owveliciusa. I tried climbing one, but it kept stretching farther and farther. It was like there was no end to it. The wildlife is very varied, though there aren't any fish, because there is little water to be found on the surface.

Planet Onbetsura LD661
Onbetsura LD661 (Isshiroshir-Nuta)

This beautiful, blue-green planet seems peaceful, but in reality I was constantly being attacked by the aggressive sentinels that clearly wanted me gone. Still, I wandered around a little bit more, enjoying the beauty.

Planet Ganonoshy-z PZ459
Ganonoshy-z PZ459 (Zumoirinila)

Another cactus planet that surprisingly has blue grass. It looks pretty neat, right?

Planet Ovakiutay Minor
Ovakiutay Minor (Satottorib)

Even though this was an extreme sentinel planet, I still enjoyed staying here for a while, walking through pink grass and looking at the sea, the little rivers and the elegant flying worms.

Planet Pack of skippy blob creatures
Pack of skippy blob creatures (Oishimanami-Nubur)

Are they bushes? Are they mushrooms? No! They're skippy blob creatures! A whole bunch of them, doing a rain dance.

Planet Waalsh-9 Lasetti
Waalsh-9 Lasetti (Oishimanami-Nubur)

I love love love love love this planet. Not only is it absolutely beautiful, it is also the home of at least 5 different species of skippy blob creatures. Nothing but skippy blob creatures. All over the place. Did I mention yet that I love this planet?

Planet Rixoisain Dadis
Rixoisain Dadis (Egurotomac-Uolea)

The colors of the grass on this moon just complement each other so well! The green with the orange and red and a bit of pink from the planet it orbits. It’s aesthetic perfection. Add to that some giant elegant flying worms and you’re hooked.

Planet Timerrhantei-Durma
Timerrhantei-Durma (Bikdrakuni-Nibets)

This planet had flat platforms floating in the sky. They kind of looked like pancakes. *drool*

Planet Najukuoka Lenito
Najukuoka Lenito (Umidorioki)

This beautiful planet with blue-green grass was very special. I stayed for a long time to study the butterflies: they were big and they had transparent wings with pink edges. I will definitely be coming back to this place. After all, I’m staying in the Mimenufont Cluster (Hilbert Dimension), so everything I have discovered here will be at warp distance. If you see a system in this region, be sure to look for already discovered systems, most notably my home system, Omiyashiman-Sto. Come say hi!

Planet Wandihuahi IM920
Wandihuahi IM920 (Ranoyamatsu)

This green planet with patches of white grass had constant tropical storms. I didn’t stay long, because the rain made it very difficult for me to see where I was going.

Planet Atchoharexl
Atchoharexl (Ritakamantopir)

The verdant moon of the planet Oparlengoo-1 Yovsky was a true delight, after flying through a system full of radioactive, barren and toxic planets. Oparlengoo-1 Yovsky filled the entire sky. It was quite a sight.

Planet Susosnoar Sayam
Susosnoar Sayam (Omiyashiman-Sto)

This beautiful planet has no life, but is worth visiting anyway. I walked through pink patches of grass and looked up at the purple sky. There, I saw my homebase planet. It was very close by and I decided that I would definitely come back to visit if I ever wanted some peace and quiet, away from all the rain, storms and creatures on my home planet.

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