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Ragnarok's No Man's Sky Adventure Log (PS4)

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Let them out there read my mind...
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Hatake (Sasuke)

Multicolored (mostly purple); Calm; Plutonium

Accordo (Greyshire)

Idola (Greyshire)

Home Planet!

Ganju (Jin)

PORTAL!; Extreme Heat

Sajin (Asano)

Clear; Orange

Noba (Riyalgo)

Ikumi (Riyalgo)

Dawnstar (Markarth)

Yellow; Wet

Pliskin (Vono)

Red; Cold

Athos (Vono)

Grey; Cold; Sac Venom


Purple; Wet; Gold

Dazil (Yasogami)

Brown; Hot; Murrine

Aquvy (Dojima)

Blue; Cold; Aluminum; Vortex Cubes

Inaba (Dojima)

Multicolored; Wet

Reize Maxia (Cambria)

Blue; Cold; Gold

Camlann (Cambria)

Sac Venom; Vortex Cubes

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