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No Man's Sky Tracker is your best online tool for keeping track on anything you discover on each planet that you visit in No Man's Sky. No Man's Sky universe is huge and if you are like me, you probably going to visit quite a lot of planets while venturing towards the center of the universe. No matter if you are a fighter, trader, explorer or scientist, sometimes you might want to get back to a specific planet in a specific stars system in order to gather some resources that you need. Without some type of a logger application, you won't be able to remember that information. Of course you aren't limited to harvesting, you can keep logs over everything you want, including information about what type of sentinels are there on a specific planet, what is it's temperature, what stations does it have, which language is spoken over there, etc - your personal No Man's Sky journal.

NMS Tracker allows you to save that information using tagging and then use these tags to easily locate the planet that you are interested in visiting again. You don't need to mass around with planet naming convensions, just use NMS Tracker and all the important information will be waiting for you online when launch No Man's Sky and staart playing it.

How To Use NMS Tracker?

Using NMS Tracker is simple. You have the first section where you can add or edit a No Man's Sky planet. You can add your custom tags, choose a solar system that the planet resides in and also add information about it in the 'Info' text field. You can also use the form to share general information like advices, tips and insights that you've discovered while venturing through the No Man's Sky universe.

The second section is the 'Planet List'. In this section you can browse through all the planets you saved in No Man's Sky tracker and search planets by custom tags (the results that are being retuend match all tags).

Click end 'Edit' button in order to edit a planet information. Click the info icon to view the planet's information.

NMS Tracker is a social planet discovery community hub for No Man's Sky PC and PS4 players. A No Man's Sky social web platform for tagging planets, sharing planet discoveries and updates, and screenshots with other players. Each player gets its personal dedicated No Man's Sky travel log page, in which other players can comment, like and follow his discoveries. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Screenshots image credit: Hello Games. This is an unofficial website and is not related in any way, nor is affiliated with the developer of No Man's Sky, Hello Games.
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