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Tropical Heaven - A No Man's Sky Explorer Story

cyan planet from orbit

I've been traveling from more than 10 star systems, I've seen beautiful planets full of life and vegetation, others were very hostile with no living beings. Today I came across a gorgeous planet full of tropical islands. I've spent all day just exploring the planet and enjoying its sheer beauty. That tropical planet has also some valuable resources, one of them was Sac Venom, a precious trade commodity that sells for about 25K each, and this planet named Rimonnenkrui was full of them. I named this planet 'Tropical Heaven' because it has tropical islands and it felt like being in heaven. This is just one of the stories of a single journey in No Man's Sky universe. The more you play, the more stories you have to tell.

tropical island with grass and sea view

This is one aspect of the game that it's hard to describe in words, what makes No Man's Sky so special. No review in the world could have explained to me what I feel like when I'll land on a planet like this, how I would feel and what amazing scenes I would find there. This is my planet and my story. I've added many screenshots to follow the story, so you can feel a bit of what I felt when I went there.

green grass and view of the sea

Tropical Scenery Landscape Vistas

Planet 'Tropical Heaven' also looks amazing from orbit. It has bright cyan tint and most of it oceans but with thousands of tropical islands The planet has clouds the same has we have on Earth, and it did remind of planet Earth in some way.

trees and beautiful lagoon

The islands of the planet are covered with green grass and with vivid flowers and trees, something that I haven't seen in all my journey so far, and I've visited quite a lot of planets. It's even more beautiful than my first planet, which I thought that I'll never encounter a more beautiful planet, but I was wrong.

a small beach area on a tropical island

Made 16 million units in just a few hours

Walking on that planet feels like walking on a dream fantasy world. The temperatures are perfect and the sentinels are passive. That planet is also full of precious trading commodity called 'Sac Venom' It's like a planet when you get close to it, it pulls out spikes and damage you. I knew it's also an opportunity to get some money for a new spaceship. I had about 900K units when I landed on the Planet, and believe it or not, after just a few hours I had more than 17 million units. How come? because each one of these Sac Venum can be sold for 25K and these planets that give you the Sac Venum trading commodity are spread all over the planet and in large quantities. Luckily for me, the space station was just a 5 seconds flight from the planet, so getting in and out was very fast. So I just farmed as much as I can until I got to 17 million units. Now I can buy a new explorer's ship with a lot of cargo slots.

No Man's Sky lagoon

Farming that material wasn't easy, because if you just farm one planet, Elite sentinels will rush after you and try to take you down. It says that there are passive, but they won't let you take these valuable resources so easily. o what I did is shoot and run, shoot and run, and I was able to avoid getting too much damage as I farm those resources.

Here's a video me discovering parts of the planet. I didn't documented everything. There are many caves and lots of sea creatures that I didn't record on video, much better than what you see in this video, but that's what I was recorded then on my PS4. I am on my way to that planet again, so I will post more videos soon.

Here's a video of me farming the planet like crazy. It also shows you how the planet looks before sunset and at night.

Here's another video in daylight.

my multi-tool with a beautiful tropical island landscape

Photographing the planet

I really enjoy taking photos/screenshots of the planet. I spent quite a lot of time searching for some great place and it wasn't that hard because the planet was full of gorgeous vistas. All of the images that you see on this page were taken from that specific planet. But it's not just the landscape, the planet also has beautiful lagoon areas with fish and many unique creatures that I haven't seen on any other planet before, like completely different. The planet looks also marvelous at night and the planet looks completely different than in daylight, I just never got bored of it even for a second. I've spent most of the time on land, but I intend to also explore its oceans as well and see what creatures I'll find there.

small island in the sea

I don't intend to leave this planet anytime soon. The center of the galaxy will wait. I am staying here fo a while, taking my time to enjoy this planet, because I don't know how much time it takes me to find a gorgeous planet like this. I just enjoy a moment of relaxation, not dealing with extreme toxic planets. It's time to relax a bit, enjoy this planet to its fullest and then move on. I hope you like the screenshots. This is just one story, a vivid and peaceful one and I am going to share more as I move on and explore new planets.

No Man's Sky beautiful vivid scenic view

It's hard to me to explain in words I enjoyed this time on planet Tropical Heaven. I'm sure that if it was on VR I would have felt in heaven. It was a rare moment in a game that I know that I'll never forget. Moments like this stay with me forever. It's exactly the reason I wanted to give No Man's Sky a chance, although I wasn't really into playing games of these type. What a review on Earth can tell me that I'll have the possibility to experience something like this, none. This is a moment that I could only experience when I play the game myself, and I can only thank the developer for giving me the option to enjoy such an experience. That by itself was worth the money, a few hours trip to an amazing place that is not even finish yet. I intend to come back to this planet tomorrow and enjoy it even more, before I decide to move on to find new adventures - with a better spaceship of course.

SpookyFairy, a No Man's Sky explorer, signing out.

More Screenshots, Enjoy!

Here are more screenshots of the same planet but in different places. I hope you like both the story and the images.

colorful No Man's Sky planet tropical island near the beach sunset on No Man's Sky tropical island planet funny No Man's Sky creature Evening beach landscape in No Man's Sky Beautiful Lagoon sea level view Lagoon shot near the trees No Man's Sky beach landscape Two spaceships flying on a sea landscape in No Man's Sky Creature at sunset
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